SR Epee/Foil World Cup - Montreal 2009
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Thread: SR Epee/Foil World Cup - Montreal 2009

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    SR Epee/Foil World Cup - Montreal 2009

    May 13, 2009 (Montreal) - More than 200 fencers from 24 countries are headed to Montreal for three World Cup competitions scheduled for May 29-31. Escrime Internationale de Montrťal will feature the world's best in men's foil and men's and women's epee.

    The epee finals are scheduled for Saturday at the new TAZ. The venue, located on Papineau Street, usually hosts skateboard activities but for one night will feature the world's best fencers. We are looking forward to seeing the fencing community out in full force for these great finals, followed by a reunion for past and present fencers!

    Friday, May 29th, 2009
    8:00 am - Women's Epee Pools and Preliminary Direct Elimination Tableau - CSCR*
    10:30 am - Men's Epee Pools and Preliminary Direct Elimination Tableau - CSCR

    Saturday, May 30th, 2009
    8:00 am - Women's and Men's Epee Tableau of 64 - CSCR
    2:30 pm - Men's Foil Pools and Preliminary Direct Elimination Tableau - CSCR
    6:00 pm - Women's and Men's Epee Finals - TAZ**

    Sunday, May 31st, 2009
    9:00 am - Men's Foil Tableau of 64 - CSCR
    2:00 pm - Men's Foil Finale - CSCR

    The organizing committee of the Escrime Internationale de Montrťal World Cup invites everyone involved in fencing over the years, closely or from a distance, to a reunion for an evening spent in great company! This first annual reunion that we hope will become a long lasting tradition, aims to take advantage of this competition to celebrate the sport that touched us all, as well as the friendships and experiences it has given us.
    Come and share your love for fencing !
    Date Saturday May 30, 2009
    6:00 pm - Womenís and Menís Epee Finales / Free admission
    8:00 pm - Dinner and dance / $45 (alcohol not included)
    Where TAZ : 8931, Papineau Avenue, Montreal
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    Just heard from coach that club-mate made the 64. Anywhere to follow results?

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    Thanks, no live links, huh?
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    This isn't live but apparently there will be photos and videos.

    The Canadian Fencing Federation has also posted the results for Day 1 and the pools for Men's Foil.

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    Great job Ben Bratton!

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    Congrats f-netter SamH!
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    Men's Foil final was spectacular! Tomer was up 14-11 and dominant up to this point. Baldini couldn't get his attack going for the majority of the first period.
    Baldini tied it up at 14-14 just as the 2nd period expired.... Tomer made a great prise-de-fer attack to start the 3rd but it landed what looked like inches from the lame... After a few nice exchanges at either end of the strip, Tomer made a well-timed attack, but hesitated just for a millisecond... Baldini counter-attacked and almost misssed, but was clearly relieved when he saw that his point managed to stick to Tomer's lame after all.... Excellent match.

    The semis were rather mundane, as both of the Japanese fencers were dominated by their respective European opponents.
    Ota had another close call in what was a great bout with Jorgensen (DEN), who fenced incredibly well. The Japanese was down by 4 in the 3rd ended up overcoming in a matter of seconds, after switching a foil and re-focusing.
    The epee competition was great as well. A ton of exciting matches, several upsets... Would have been one more upset had the referee not made a mistake in an OT bout between Seth Kelsey and Christophe Lavoie (a tricky Canadian junior)...
    All in all, a much better turnout than most people anticipated given that it's a non-GP and in the first year of the quad.

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    What was the reffing mistake?

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    I thought Laura Flessel was done after '08? Apparently not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkelephant View Post
    What was the reffing mistake?
    I didn't have a good angle on it but what I saw was a fairly clean touch by Christophe. Afterwards the ref said there was no touch because it was "after the halt" which he had not actually said, nor for which there was any good reason. I was just walking by and had my view obstructed by a few people so anyone who saw the action clearly could help me out by explaining what the halt was for.

    I didn't notice at the time, but one of the Americans who was watching said the ref also made a mistake in awarding Kelsey's final touch since he apparently hit on the second action after a fleche past by Christophe.

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