Thank you USFA and ... FIE!
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Thread: Thank you USFA and ... FIE!

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    Thank you USFA and ... FIE!

    Thank you USFA for the article about the 2009 Cadet and Junior World Fencing Championships in Belfast.

    The press release penned by Cecil Bleiker is dated April 30 and was posted on May 1. The world championships ended on April 13.

    Fortunately, after the headline and title it says:

    For Immediate Release

    Other than the obvious issue of timing, the article is well written, informative, and has also a nice photo. OK, there is room for improvement, but it's a start...

    One comment: other than athletes and cadre present in Belfast during the championships as indicated in the press release, also Kalle Weeks, USFA President, Kurt Aichele, USFA ED, and Sunil Sabharwal, member of the FIE EC, were representing the USFA during the championships and at the FIE General Assembly in Belfast. Don't be shy in listing everyone traveling on USFA business. They all contribute to the success of US fencing and should be recognized.

    Those interested in the international side of fencing should also check the FIE press release of these championships

    It has a great action photo of Alexander Massialas against Lorenzo Nista (ITA) in the cadet semifinals, a photo of the FIE EC at work (see who you recognize there), and this last bit of info:

    In concordance with Alisher Usmanovís election programme, the FIE covered the following expenses for each participating federation:

    ∑ travel expenses for 2 athletes
    ∑ a complete kit for a maximum of 5 athletes
    ∑ travel expenses for one representative for his/her attendance at the General Assembly.

    Thought you'd like to know... What I'd like to know is:

    • which 2 US fencers had their travel expenses taken care by the FIE?

    • which 5 US fencers received a complete kit?

    • who was the USFA rep whose travel expenses to the General Assembly were taken care by the FIE?

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    I met Kurt for the first time in Belfast. Bloody nice guy, seems to care a lot about sport. In fact everyone who I saw again with the US delegation was lovely (Kalle, Sunil, Andrea, Mike, Maureen, Bucky, Greg amongst others).

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