USOC reorganizing staff and TV network
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Thread: USOC reorganizing staff and TV network

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    USOC reorganizing staff and TV network

    Check out this article from the San Francsico Chronicle.

    "The U.S. Olympic Committee reorganized part of its management team, a move that will allow chief operating officer Norm Bellingham more time to focus on starting an Olympic television network sometime in the next few months."

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    From the linked article:

    The idea came up two years ago and was given a working title, the U.S. Olympic Sports Network. The plan is to air live events and archival footage, along with a few shows that mix sports and lifestyle topics.

    The goal is to increase exposure for Olympic sports, many of which are quickly forgotten once the games end.

    The USOC had wanted to have the network up and running before Beijing. Now, if Bellingham's recent projections are correct, it will be online for the Winter Games in Vancouver in 2010.
    That's interesting.

    I wonder whether a better short-term solution would be a weekly "Wide-World of Sports" type of program that featured a rotating selection of short tape-delayed Olympic events on one of the big 3 networks or ESPN?

    I just wonder whether for the money, that wouldn't be a better investment than a whole network. Does anybody actually watch ESPN Classic?

    Oh well--presumbably they've thought of that and run the math....


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    Awesome! I can't get enough of badminton and table tennis. Do you think they will be airing the handball world cup? Go Yugoslavia!

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    It's a pity chess is not an Olympic sport, I sure wish there were more chess matches on TeeVee
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