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Thread: Fencing in Indonesia?

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    Fencing in Indonesia?

    Frequent lurker, not-so-frequent poster here.

    I am probably moving to Indonesia for my last year of high school next year. I'm an E08 in foil and I'm getting more competitive, so I would hate to give up fencing for an entire school year, especially right before college (I want to be able to fence in college). Anyway, I know nothing about Indonesia's fencing scene and was hoping some of you guys might. (I checked the All Indonesia Fencing Association website and it wasn't very helpful, probably because I don't know any Indonesian.)

    Thanks in advance!

    edit: I'd live in Jakarta
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    Not easy to find quick information. Thier website is not at all helpful. This is the contact information from the Asian Confederation:

    All Indonesia Fencing Association
    Pintu 6 Stadion Utama
    Gelora Bung Karno Senayan,
    Jakarta Pusat 10270, Indonesia
    Tel: + 62 21 57952959
    Fax: + 62 21 573 1175
    URL :
    President: Mr. TONO SURATMAN
    Secretary General: Soeryono

    As they are based in Jakarta it could be helpful. Send and email to the SecGen and see the response.

    If you need more information I can try and contact some of my former college students, but they are in other parts of Indonesia.

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