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Thread: Brandon Florida fencer looking for fencers in this area

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    Brandon Florida fencer looking for fencers in this area

    I am looking for fencers in the Brandon, Florida area to fence with ... I know there are some fencing clubs in the Tampa Bay area but these are a little too far for me.

    I have a few years experience ... fenced in Gainesville, Tampa clubs, Largo, St. Petersburg, CLearwater clubs ... D in foil, okay in epee, & dunce in saber. However, I have acquired quite a few fencing equipment in my travels to outfit a small salle (foil, epee, saber, masks, jackets, etc - non-electric & electric equipment) - wife wants me to part ways with some of these because it takes up space in the garage ... left my scoring box & reel to my last club (en garde fencers). I can figure my way around making and fixing electrical equipments.

    Brandon has a very large population now and would make a good home for a fencing salle I believe.

    I just want to fence again. Any coaches willing to travel to Brandon area?
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    I think you'd be better off trying the Fencing Discussion or Club Corner part of the forum. This one is pretty much a place for googlebot to come and eat.
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    my son 9 yrs. passionate about fencing due to indian mythincal stories, i live in brandon., is fencing expensive sport? what is scope for me

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    Depends on the equipment you want to purchase for your son ... you can probably outfit him a fencing jacket & knickers for about $100 (check out blue gauntlet website, leon paul USA website, etc). Since he is so young and still growing, get him the starter kit which is somewhat affordable & what every fencing equipment website offers for beginning fencers. There are a couple of fencing salles in Tampa - none in Brandon yet. I would recommend he start training in foil to get his basics down before starting him in epee or sabre. (note: you can also purchase some equipment on Ebay but these are mostly chinese-made items and may or may not be up to standards)
    If you can, just take your son on a weekend if you have time to Tampa Fencing Academy and ask for Boyko (fencing coach - great epee coach) or visit their website. Tell him Ha sent you. Most of these salles will let you sit in on a class to see if it right for your son or not ... then you can decide on whether or not you want him to join in fencing classes or pay for private lessons - that is where the cost of fencing really is. Good Luck ... and, I may try to get some sort of fencing class started in Brandon in the near future because Tampa is a long way for me to travel.
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    To add to what Ha says...

    I'm the assistant coach at TFA (Tampa Fencing Academy). You can sit in on a class if you want to, just ask when. Sitting there isn't much fun, though, so if he wants to get started he won't need any fencing equipment. We have the basics for him to use while he's a beginner. When he graduates up to free-fencing with the advanced fencers, he'll need to start getting his own stuff. TFA has a deal with Absolute so you can order through the club, or you can buy stuff on your own. (And refer back up to Ha's post for what and where to buy.)
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