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Thread: Sean Shumate Update

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    Sean Shumate Update

    Hi all.

    For those of you who know him, or have heard of him, or been reffed by him, or followed his fencing in the Paralympics in Athens, I just received a wonderful phone call from Sean today. On Friday he had surgery to replace the broken rods that hold up his torso, and to re-fuse his spine.

    While he said that he's in a lot of pain, he's also on a lot of pain meds (which made for an interesting conversation!). He is in the Jewish Hospital & St. Mary's Healthcare in Louisville for the next week or so, then will move to a rehab facility. He said that his recovery will take months.

    FYI, this surgery was scheduled before Summer Nationals, which makes his service of refereeing for the entire competition even more amazing and admirable in my book. I know he had an excellent time in Miami, and I'm sure that any cards, letters, etc. from his fencing buddies would be a welcome distraction for him.


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    He also called me this afternoon. He was in very good spirits considering what he's been through.

    Get well soon so we can have a Mojito!!!!!
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    I can't think of anything to put down there!

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    Is his injury related to fencing???? I am running into more and more people with back issues.....

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    Thanks, AndyH, for letting us know.

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    apologies for what might have seemed like a rude or inappropriate prior post!I
    did not realize that Sean is a paralympic athlete..even though the post clearly stated that.....I have to stop going on line either late night and/or after drinks!! Please forgive me, I am a freak and best wishes for a speedy recovery!!!!!!
    ( I am interested in fencing and what it does do to the spine though, given that it is a one-sided exercise and so repetitive..but that's an entirely different post!!)
    Apologies and best wishes, FF

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