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Thread: Lightweight Carbon Fibre handle with angle

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    Lightweight Carbon Fibre handle with angle

    I have a question for someone user:
    Is there any change to make any angle to LP Carbon Fibre hande?
    I normally use some Allstar french handles modified with angle down about 20 degrees and left 5 degrees (I'm right handed). I'm not pommeling much but have other reason to use french handle.
    Still I'm very interested about LP lightweight epees, but can't use them with straight handle...
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    Are you talking about the cant of the blade or actually bending the grip its self?
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    And if you;re talking about the handle person to ask would be Alex or Barry Paul right here on this board.
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    Barry Paul aswered me yesterday and main point was:
    LP carbon fibres can't be bent. If you put a large set into the blade the bottom of the carbon fibre handle will need to be fileg/ground away so it fits at right angle to the guard.
    Because it's possible that's enough for decission purchacing LP lightweight epee.
    (and I really want my handle 20-25 deg down and 5 deg left).

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