you know you're in Greenville...
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Thread: you know you're in Greenville...

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    you know you're in Greenville...

    We made them up for Greenville too...

    *if the "Dragon Den" is your second home.
    * if your diet consists of Krispy Kreme and Chinese Food.
    * If there's nothing on TV
    * If you talk about Jason Rogers untill 3:00 in the morning.
    * When Krispy Kreme hats are the latest fashion.
    * When y'all is the word you hear most often
    * when all the grass is dead.

    ran out of ideas, please add on...

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    - When you arrive at 4am in the morning at the airport because your first flight was cancelled, your second one was delayed, and there was nothing else to do, since there was not other flight to Spartanberg.

    - When once you finally arrive there, there are no taxis to take you to the hotel, which has closed anyway, and you don't have any place to sleep.

    - When you meet a wierd Belgian guy completely drunk the next day who works at Michelin because that's the only place to find work at.

    - When you try to find an open restaurant on Sunday night and people you ask to are looking at you with saucer-like eyes.
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