Ticklish behind the left knee
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Thread: Ticklish behind the left knee

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    Ticklish behind the left knee

    I've been feeling this niggly tingling feeling behind my left kneecap (I'm right handed, so that's the knee of my back leg acting up), and I've been told it's an overuse injury, so the best way to get around it is a coupla months' complete rest.

    Thing is, I've a slew of competitions coming up, and I'd just hate to sit out of training. Is there any way I can solve this problem without totally giving up on training?

    Also, once I've rectified it, is there any way to prevent it from recurring again? I've not heard the users of this forum who do 200 lunges a day complain of such an issue, so someone out there must be able to help

    All advice is appreciated, thank you all!

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    Go to a doctor.
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    Yes, the key is: "told by" whom? MD, sports doc, physical trainer, coach, fellow fencer, wife's cousin who "once had the same thing"? Anything that worries you warrants a medical opinion.

    That said, it sounds like a pinched nerve to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VELISARIOS
    Go to a doctor.

    And have your coach check your footwork. Make sure that you are lunging and recovering properly.
    Also ask your doctor/coach/trainer about lifting/strengthening exercises after it stops aching to strengthen that area as a prophylactic to future injuries/aches.

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    "Go to a doctor" is very good advice if you end up going to a doctor who is willing and able to help... I've had far too much experience with doctors cluelessly saying "well, if it hurts, stop doing it" or saying "you're in great shape, what are you complaining about?"

    If you do go to a doctor, go straight to a sports medicine specialist. General practice ones are a waste of time in my experience.

    In general, I would recommend paying close attention to when and why you get that pain. Is it constant? If not, when does it begin? After what action or period of time? Is the pain intermittent or constant once it starts? If you can observe what the pain is associated with, you can start experimenting with how to prevent it.

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    It's not painful yet.. just a sensation of someone tickling the back of my kneecap with a feather. It happens usually on the next day after training (I go to my club twice a week). Oddly I don't feel it during training..

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    Holly gave you the straight scoop, as did the others. See a sports medicine orthopedist. Tell him about your sport, your level of commitment-what the mechanics of the movement are. Tell him/her you don't want surgery unless unavoidable.
    During and after training the endorphins are released and mask the pain response. Pain says"Something's wrong here-fix me!" Do this now, don't wait for something more dramatic-or it will take more drastic measures and more time to heal. Best of luck!
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