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    Martial Arts trainer...

    Interesting training device:

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    I just saw one of those at a new Athletic training facility that just opened up near here.

    It looked very interesting. Pillars that emit a very audible signal and a light that you touch. The trainer described it as a giant simon says game. He also showed me a version of a game where you use a stick to hit the lights.

    I didn't get a chance to see it in action. It did look cool.
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    Looks really cool.

    It was in a movie I saw awhile ago...'Paycheck' with Ben Affleck, I think.

    Not a great movie, but the scene where he practices staff on this setup is neat.

    Perhaps this machine could be used as a fourth fencing event with a little modification...

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    It looks expensive.
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    It looks interesting but, I have to say, I've seen similar examples of this sort before. And there are Fencing-related electronic devices in use if you know where to look. A friend of mine came back from training with the Polish team and remarked that at one end of the hall they had various lunging pads hooked up to the lights that they used for practise. I don't know if they still use them, or if they have better kit before - I am talking about 5 years ago.

    Good luck to them.

    If it sells it sells.

    Like DFP I wonder about price for an installation a well organised group electriconic engineers could rig something up quite quickly I imagine.
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    there's always target speed as far as fencing specific gadgets go
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