Death to the squirrel menace!
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Thread: Death to the squirrel menace!

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    Death to the squirrel menace!

    Website campaigns for squirrel genocide

    Death to the grey squirrel menace!

    Just look at their beady little eyes!

    Obviously it's not Osama we should be worried about. Support our Red comrades. Down with the Greys!*

    *Is it a coincidence that popular culture has the alien threat as little grey guys? I think not. This guy is on to something.
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    I've had enough of this. Move along everyone, theres nothing to see.

    (pretends to close thread)
    "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. And from this side only! The flight of a half-man, half-bird. Dinosaurs nuzzling their young in pastures where strip malls should be. Cookies on dowels. All those moment, lost in time. Gone, like eggs off a hooker's stomach. Time to die" -Phil Ken Sebben

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    Ah. Now I finally understand why I kept getting emails of a video purporting to be of snipers killing terrorists, though to my eye the footage appeared to be nothing more than squirrels getting blasted. I see now that both interpretations were correct.
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    Achk! The poor squirrels! I don't have to guess Go?Fencing?'s response to this thread...
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    See in America though it's always little green men from Mars. The greys a little more obscure, although we all agree it's the greys with their super mental powers that are the bigger danger.

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    The greys are always more of a menace - it's what the greens grow into as they age. And age and treachery will always win over youth, oh you know the rest. Notice how you have to be over 35 to become president in this country? It has nothing to do with maturity and fitness for office. It has everything to do with treachery.

    Oh, we're talking about squirrels here, not extraterrestrials. Never mind.

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    I see there are even a few new squirrel recipes to try! Fall is such a lovely time of year for a warm bowl of squirrel stew….

    Oh.. I forgot …. my bride-to-be is a squirrel… Gav…I am shocked! That was an awfully delicious website
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    Some interesting counter measures:

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    Squirrel Brunswick Stew

    2 squirrels
    1 tablespoon salt
    1 onion, minced
    2 cups lima beans
    6 ears of corn, kernels only
    1/2 pound of salt pork, cubed
    6 potatoes, cubed
    1 teaspoon pepper
    2 teaspoons sugar
    4 cups sliced tomatoes
    1/4 pound butter
    2 slices lemon

    Cut squirrel in pieces as for fricassee. Add the salt to 4 quarts water and bring to boil; add onion, beans, corn, pork, potatoes, pepper and squirrel pieces. Cover tightly and simmer 2 hours. Add sugar and tomatoes, and simmer 1 hour more. Ten minutes before removing stew from stove, add butter cut into walnut-size pieces and rolled in flour. Boil up, adding salt or pepper if needed. Pour into tureen and garnish with lemon. Serves 4.

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    In other news ...

    Think of the children!
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    Reminds me of my days in college. I went to school on a lovely suburban campus with lots of very old (and big) oak trees. There were paths that wound through the trees to get to different buildings, and inevitably, the evil attack squirrels would perch themselves in the trees in wait. They would arm themselves with acorns. As soon as someone would begin to stroll leisurely underneath their tree. ***BOOM***** ****OUCH!****** ******BOOM, BOOM***** You'd get whacked right in the head with an acorn or ten. *sigh* Poor, unsuspecting college students......
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