Nationals confirmation event codes?
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Thread: Nationals confirmation event codes?

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    Nationals confirmation event codes?

    So I got my confirmation sheet for Nationals in the mail today (yes, I know, late registration, tsk tsk). I'm only fencing in one event--U-19 team men's epee, to be specific--and indicated as such on my entry form.

    Nonetheless, in the box where it's supposed to list events, there isn't anything--which on the one hand makes sense, since I didn't have to pay any event fees for any non-team events, but on the other hand is strange, because in the key at the bottom of the page, it lists a code for 'team only' as well as one for 'U19 team,' and I didn't get either.

    Should I be concerned? Or should I just show up and figure that they'll know what to do?
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    email them at
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