Ideological/logical fallacies
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Thread: Ideological/logical fallacies

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    Ideological/logical fallacies

    Okay, I know there are a lot of people here who are very well versed in the finer points of logical arguments. A co-worker forwarded this to me earlier and I got such a kick out of reading it, and the fallacies contained therein, that I thought I would post it up here.

    I should state, in the interest of disclosure, that I am an MLS-holding librarian, though not a member of the ALA (which I probably should be, but I'm lazy like that).

    Deroy Murdock on Libraries and the Patriot Act

    How many logical fallacies can you find in his article (repetitions count)?
    I'll hold off saying how many I found so as not to jinx anything. And a belated thanks to whoever posted that link to's fallacies helped.
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    Hmmm I suspect that you are a dangerously na´ve or clandestinely seditious librarian and should be dragged out and shot.

    That'll teach those GQ styled terrorists a lesson, oh yes.

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