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    Big Masks

    Does anyone know who has the biggest mask for sale? Possibly without going to FIE or expensive custom masks.


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    I used to wear a Negrini, because it was a little wider than other masks and is good for fencing with glasses. I even went so far as to get an XL, as I have a big noggin, but it was actually TOO big for me.

    As well, it was not very well made (sloppy workmanship, dented VERY easy, mesh chipped and rusted, etc.). Maybe the FIE masks are better, but I remember Negrini's being much better masks 10 years ago.

    Now I have a L (size 4) FIE Leon Paul Mask and I LOVE it.

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    BG Olympic non-fie masks are the largest masks I have seen or used. I would call them oversized actually.
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