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    Counter-time is quite interesting. If you're a good parryer, then counter-time allows you to use this strength without giving away all the initiative - you go out and find their attack rather than wait for it. I may be wrong, but Sanzo does it quite lot and it's big in the Russian game aswell.

    So were does it fit in with my attack - what's the relationship between my attack and my counter-time? For instance, do you have counter-time ready while compressing the distance into attacking distance - parry riposte if they AIP, eventually attack if they don't?

    What are your thought's on counter-time in general?

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    The key to counter-time is drawing the (counter)attack. You should attack and always be prepared for a reaction by your opponent. The distance is usually a little bigger than lunge distance. If you're at lunge distance, you should just lunge, because your opponent obviously doesn't understand the threat you are posing (or he is waiting for a parry-riposte of course...).
    Counter-time is usually applicable if you get hit with AIP a few times. To start a bout with second intention actions doesn't seem smart to me.... (unless you know a lot about your opponent already..)
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    dunastor makes an important point. if you can beat someone just using 5 or 15 arm extensions then you should. the other fencer should earn the right to you utilise your complex moves and fully fencing abilities on them.

    and i wouldn't worry too much about the russian game, drippingwet, as you will almost certainly never be on the receiving end of it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dunastor
    To start a bout with second intention actions doesn't seem smart to me.... (unless you know a lot about your opponent already..)
    You don't escalate to the more complex actions until your opponent has demonstrated that they are ready to handle and will react to the simple actions.

    Going for a parry-ripost of the attack in preparation when you haven't yet demonstrated that you can hit with a simple attack is one of the best ways to start out a bout 0-3.


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