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    A secret website.

    Now this website is a guarded secret, and I probably shouldn't be telling you this because you'll all crash it if too many ppl check it out, but here goes. Remember before they had graphics on computers and the games were all text based? That blessed Infocom era? That blessed us all with like 19 zork games? (The younger ones have no idea what I'm talking about, And I'm ancient at grade 11, but anyway..) you can get to play any one of the around 30-40 original games by doing the following...

    -go to your start menu and click run, then type in

    telnet eldorado.elsewhere.org

    when it asks you your username type zork and from there it's free sailing. It combines my love of puzzles, videogames, and books. Douglas Adams made a few, including a version of "The Hitchiker's guide to the galaxy"

    For hints and summaries go to infocom.elsewhere.org
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    Wow. I'm amazed that's there. If anyone wants, I might be able to find original source code to the Adventure game and Zork. Strictly text, natch.
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    As text games go I'd also recommend Net Hack. Killed a lot of hours with that one. And if you're a programmer Corewars, the game where you make programs to fight each other. A seminar on it inspired the creation of computer viruses by the way as a historical sidenote.

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    Cool, thanks for sharing

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