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Training log wk 2

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by , 07-30-2011 at 02:03 AM (428 Views)
So I made it through four straight days of my little hill routine. I guess I only ran up five times each day. I had thought it was six, because I turned around after three, but whatever. Next week will be six.

Yesterday was a light ride only. Caught the symphony doing some short selections for free in the park about a 45 min ride away. Rode a nice little fixie my cousin owns. Stopping without the brakes is a great workout, but I took it pretty easy. The roads weren't too smooth, and I'm not so great on a bike.

Something went wrong in my diet I think. I guess I didn't eat enough, or drink enough water. It's been a little hot. The result is headache. I'm not sure how to keep track better. My weight dropped a little also; to 160 lbs.

I took a break from running today, and cranked out three sets of 20 push-ups in the park plus an hour of stretching.

I'm feeling pretty week all around with this wretched hill stomping on me. Back to grinding on that piece tomorrow. The sidewalk will break before me. I think I'll post a time tomorrow.


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