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by , 12-16-2009 at 05:52 PM (373 Views)
There's spot along my jaw that is protected by bib, not by the mesh. That part got flicked, and my lower mandible is still in pain. I feel like i took a left hook from a butch girl, or a wuss boy. Highly uncomfortable.

One time i got a flick riposte to the vertebrae that always gets in the way when i'm squatting with a bar. I was honestly thinking about what kind of wheelchair I was going to have to buy if a doctor told me i was going to be paralyzed.

At a tournament maybe 2 years ago, i worked really really hard for a touch. Up and down the strip. Then, after a really awkward duck counter attack, while i was still breathless, i gave a really prolonged scream. I had to kneel and put my head down after that. My scream took up valuable inhale time from my lungs, and i didn't have enough oxygen to power my spent body and also keep my brain functioning.

One time, i used a glove that had a hole in the index finger, right where i apply pressure to the grip. What a dumb idea. I thought i could tough through it, but the skin on grip contact plus sweat started to tear the skin. The ref MADE me change gloves because i was bleeding on the strip. That was the worst 25 dollars i've ever paid to lose a bout.

Some dude and I lunged at each other. His foot landed a split second where my foot was going to land, and i ended up twisting my front ankle. He was heavy set, with cankles. he probably didn't even feel it. I had to finish the rest of the bout using "extend advance" instead of "lunge". Thank goodness i won.

Worst ever? I ducked way too early. I was just too excited during the bout. The other guy decided that the only thing he could do was lunge at me as hard as he could . He had enough time to watch me duck, stop his hasty advance and then aim the lunge. He buried the foil tip in my patella, and then it flicked me in the balls. FULL ON BLACK OUT for a little bit. The ref thought i was faking because i first was nursing Big D, and then i started holding my knee. He was like, "you want to decide on what really hurts?" It was too difficult to explain.
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