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  1. lunge, lunge, advance-lunge

    by , 02-05-2007 at 10:40 PM
    Not too many people tonight. Lesson with Ahren was all about being relaxed and dealing while he did multiple actions holding two weapons. That was amusing. Jessie Milestone, Jessie2, Alissa, Nick, and Danielle (and Zev after I had unsuited). I fenced Jessie Milestone, Nick, and Alissa while they wore a large loose shirt over the lame to restrict the target. That was interesting.

    Lesson with Mark was partly about half-advance and half-retreat and partly about invitation parry-seconde ...
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  2. If you hit the referee, what's the penalty?

    by , 02-05-2007 at 05:25 PM
    It was so cold today that the students were coming in early from recess, complaining they couldn't breathe, so I decided not to go over to the college. Besides, I had a meeting at 3:15 and a doctor's appointment at 4:00, so I thought I had better take it a little easy on myself. I posted that we were having a sports study hall instead of practice, and the boys came to my room. It was Rameen's birthday and he brought a big box of cookies to hand out, so it was doubly fun.

    I printed ...
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  3. Damn, damn, DAMN!!!!!!

    by , 02-05-2007 at 11:15 AM (My training log)
    Wolfgang Geiger, the senior member of my vet team, has to have surgery (I think on an arthritic ankle) and will not be available for the German Vet Team Championships in April....

    Which means that we don't have a team, unless I can scare up a 60+ sabre fencer from a Nord Baden club....
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  4. Saturday lesson

    by , 02-05-2007 at 06:52 AM (My training log)
    With Istvan.

    1. S: tap-tap-CUT head. M: cut flank. S: parry 3-riposte head. Standing/retreating.

    2. M: invite 5. S: double cut flank, flick stop to arm; M: cut head; S; parry 5-riposte head or chest. Standing/retreating. (I was raising my hand to make the stop because I wanted to make sure I got the head parry, so we worked on keeping the hand low by doing this exercise a couple of times with M final cut to flank, S: parry 3, riposte).

    3. Long distance. ...
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  5. Rose Condon

    by , 02-04-2007 at 11:33 PM
    Well, I went to the Rose Condon memorial tournament for the first time since my first year fencing (God, has it been 3 years already?). It was good seeing a bunch of people I hadn't seen in awhile. I also got to meet KD5MDK and Chafunkta. Anyways...


    Curry 5-2(w)
    Gremillion 5-3(w)
    Mahmoud 5-4(w)
    Jones 5-3(w)
    Morrison 5-0(w)
    Cox 5-0(w)

    So I'm 6-0 with +18. This puts me as the number two seed after pools.

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