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  1. Dallas Recap

    by , 12-17-2013 at 10:38 PM
    Things learned:
    1. Snickers work better (for me) than protein bars. No problems with blood sugar this time. More, I reached the point after the event where I started eating what was left, stopped when I realized I didn't WANT the darn thing, and then threw away the rest of the bar and spit out what was in my mouth. Blah!
    2. Two bottles of water is NOT enough to last through a pool bout. I had hydration problems in Vet Combined but not in WSV60.
    3. I have apparently moved ...

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    by , 12-16-2013 at 05:16 AM
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    by , 12-16-2013 at 05:14 AM
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    by , 12-16-2013 at 02:49 AM
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  5. Vet 60 WS short version

    by , 12-15-2013 at 04:18 PM
    Seeded third. Had Paula Smith, Dede Deane, Jennette Starks-Faulkner, Jeannine Bender, Susan Hurst. Lost to Jeannine 5-3, won the rest. Came out seeded 3rd. Small event (12) so had a bye into the eight. Fenced Jennette, Jeannine, Jane final, earned silver. Former World Team members were the top four, so we did our job. Reminder: sit down, keep moving, hand straight in.

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