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  1. Slacker and Still Hungover

    Late post on Hangover.
    Did an "express" training regimen (whatever that means) for ten days prior to the tournament. Worked on mostly decision point and getting back in shape. I kept things simple.

    I will say the tournament was much better this year for two reasons: one of the organizer's wife made this awesome spider design on a bare strip using masking tape....I'll have to dig up a picture somewhere. Spider was for venue's mascot (University of Richmond). Reason two: first ...
  2. The Absence of Pain

    I've been so used to pain that I don't know when it stopped. I just know that last week, Coach showed a drill with PIL and it wasn't until I reached home that I realized it hadn't hurt.


    I have now gone nuts on doing things I have not done in a long time.

    I've knitted. I created some new knitting patterns and made prototypes and then remade them to insure the pattern was accurate (and improved upon the item in the process).

    I do NOT ...
  3. Portfishington death flu

    Yes I'm going to gripe. I'm going to whine, piss and moan.
    I've been doing pretty much noithing but shivering, sweating, coughing, blowing my nose and sleeping since Tuesday night.
    I called in sick Wednesday and Thursday. Friday I woke up and decided I could go to work. By the time I got on the El headed downtown, I knew I'd made a horrible miscalculation. I was back home and asleep by noon.

    My jacket, plaston, knickers and lame are hung on the back of my bedroom door. ...
  4. Threat to hand

    I did some more of the half-balance ball and a little footwork, then fenced Mike for a while, then Dick Johnson.

    Ahren had been thinking about something I asked him, about how to set up the touch against someone who is chasing you. He watched the video of my bout against Jude where I pulled it off a couple of times, and the first thing he said was that I had set it up with the previous actions, which of course is true.

    Tonight, he first had me fix my feet. I was ...
  5. 10,000 Years of Jewish Guilt Crashing Down

    by , 01-18-2012 at 03:55 PM (Greybeard's Brain Blog)
    I just got back from my workout at the Challenge Center. That is the facility that only works with stroke survivors. I love the staff and the people who work out there. But there are a couple of “fresh” survivors and I am watching them learn to stand or walk or transfer better. They still have “stroke talk.” I used to refer to it as “thick tongue,” you know the feeling you get when you have a mouth full of Novocain and your tongue feels thick and you have trouble making words. You also get ...