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  1. Die is DIE with a "T"

    After pigging out on old fashioned, homemade ice cream cake roll, I tipped the scale W-A-Y over the maximum I allow myself to weight. The result? Super energy followed by crash-and-burn depression that was NOT helped by looking at the scale. By forcing myself to the gym repeatedly and limiting myself to soup or one slice of meat on one slice of bread, I've managed to get down to being only slightly above the maximum I allow myself to weigh.

    It's not about appearance; it's about ...
  2. Liberty Christmas Eve Double Header—compete and ref

    Not even halfway done yet. 17 in the epee due to a no-show. My pool was 6. One of our scheduled refs got sick and scratched, so Marshal asked if I could ref the pool I was fencing in. JKormann was kind enough to help. With epee, refereeing your pool isn’t awful, since I’d be watching the other bouts anyway, but it makes for a scramble to change my glasses and get ready for my own bouts.

    First bout with one of the rated vets I lost to last month. Not really ready, on top of the ...
    Tags: referee, vets
  3. Liberty Christmas Eve Double Header—BC and ref

    A very full day for me, which might not have been the best thing since I was coming down with a cold. 10 in the foil, 5 in the youth epee, so we had to make pools of five in both. Our usual practice with pools of five is to have two rounds of pools; people came to fence, so more fencing is good. Come to one of our tournaments, and we want to give you good referees, a friendly environment, and plenty of fencing

    After getting the foil underway and the kids checked in, I refereed ...
  4. Notes 25 Dec 2014 – Liberty Christmas Eve Double Header

    Attended the Liberty Fencing Club Christmas Eve Foil and Epee event. Last year, I only went to the Foil so I could make it to church. This year, we planned on a later service so I came for both.

    Link: https://askfred.net/Results/results....ament_id=27002

    Saw good fencing friends there, who were all happy to stab me.

    Foil in the morning. Ten competitors so they broke into two pools of five, which is good. They also planned for two rounds of pools, ...
  5. The body is falling apart

    I still have occasional reminders that the back is not completely healed and the tendonitis in the shoulder and elbow area are not healing well at all but I went back to practice on Saturday because I was going stir crazy and packing on weight. I kid you not, I'm at a point where I can zip up my knickers but NOT fasten the top flap.

    For practice, I'm using the elbow brace AND a wrist brace on the theory that limiting my actions will reduce the likelihood that I'll make this worse. ...