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  1. Flopping

    I've heard about flopping in other sports, which is where an athlete fakes being knocked around to try to get penalties on the opposing team. I think I ran into it in fencing for the first time at a team event yesterday.

    I was doing a team epee event and the other team consisted of a girl, and 2 guys one of whom was the captain.

    Anyways when the girl was up with one of the other guys on my team, the guy did a fleche and she stepped into it and went flying and he got ...
  2. Aimless thoughts

    If you've asked Bout Committee more than once if the tournament is still a B2, we're probably already figured out you're a parent from hell.
  3. P. T.

    For the better part of a year, Iíve had some pain in my knees: interestingly, it strikes when Iíve been sitting still for a while. Walking, running, or skating, theyíre fine. But a long car trip or a day behind my desk is uncomfortable without regular breaks to walk around for a while. Itís probably fencing-related: something in my stance or the additional strength in my legs straining the joint, but not traumatic. Iím fortunate that Iíve never had any knee injuries. And I donít want to let ...

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  4. Fence Like a Cat

    Walk (Fence) like a cat

    Remember, when moving,
    there is no place that doesn't move.

    When still,
    there is no place that isn't still

    First seek extension,
    then contraction;
    then it can be fine and subtle.

    It is said "if others don't move,
    I don't move.

    If others move slightly,
    I move first."

    pp.56-57. The Essence of T'AI CHI CH'UAN. The literary Tradition. Lo/Inn Amacker/Foe ...
  5. Club practice

    Pretty good night on Tuesday. Picked up my newly wired epee from The Fencing Post, and was able to assemble it before practice started. All systems go. Worked really well with my new grip, so I was very happy about that. Fenced five pool and DE bouts. Most of them were vs team mates, but we did have a two fencers that showed up that I haven't fenced much against, so that was very helpful. Only dropped one five touch bout in OT 2-3 with my opponent having priority. I launched my attack with ...
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