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  1. Year in review

    As I started composing this post, I realized that this year I have two dates on which to turn the calendar from 2014-15 to 2015-16. It feels like my fencing season isnít going to really start until September, while my refereeing and BC season started this month. Either way, itís time to see how I did with respect to the goals I set a year ago.

    Learning: A year ago, I was getting a grasp of my weaknesses and wanted to prioritize fixing them. My bladework still isnít where it ought ...
    Tags: parents, referee, vets
  2. A new season

    Well, with National's and Pan Am done (with less than the results I had hoped for), it is time to begin plotting out the 15/16 season. I have decided that my 'key events' this year will consist of two ROCs (both are pretty close to me...Bladerunner and Stro), and one NAC (still up in the air as to Richmond or Baltimore), National's, and Vet Pan Am (indications are that it will be in the Virgin Islands). I don't usually consider local tournaments in my goal/training program as anything more that ...
  3. Handicap team matches?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zebra View Post
    A somewhat bent idea came to mind yesterday: could we come up with a system to handicap team matches to make them competitive even when one team outclasses the other? Has it ever been tried before?

    If one team has a D and two Us and the other is all unrated, the D is probably going to dominate enough to give his/her team the lead after each bout s/he fences; and the other team's job is to try and not get totally wiped out. But if you have a handicap system where the team can use
  4. P.T. update

    One month of therapy down for my hamstring and knees. The first couple of weeks was mostly stretching, focusing on my hips and quads while the hamstring healed. I've continued with one of the hip stretches throughout. Then three weeks ago we added some gentle exercises for the hamstring, and now some strengthening. Along the way the therapist has been working on adjusting some of my movement to prevent future injury, so added to my coach's guidance, it's been more than a small makeover. ...
    Tags: rehab, therapy, vets
  5. Linesman

    Iím still sidelined from competition while my hamstring heals, but by happy coincidence, the Keystone State Games organizers needed extra refs for Sunday, which was when my son was fencing. It was a good day all around: we has a nice drive out through the Amish country to York, my son earned the silver in his event, and I got to ref in another good tournament.

    Last time I was at State Games (2013), I was officiating in the hockey tournament. There I worked one game as referee ...
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