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  1. Vet combined so far

    by , 03-19-2012 at 02:28 PM
    Seeded third behind O'Leary and Eyre. Pool of five: Wilson, Lince, Hine, DeRose. Lost to DeRose 5-5. Hate fencing. More later.

    Bye into 16, fenced DeRose, fenced Hine, fenced Eyre, lost 8-10 to finish 3rd. Everything I planned to work on, I did. Small first step, stay upright, don't turn around, use most of strip. Feel okay. Don't hate fencing.

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  2. Quick Cincinnati update

    by , 03-18-2012 at 07:36 PM
    2 pools of five, bleah. Mine was Aher, Dunn, Mannino, Hiatt. Dunn was fencing well and I only beat her 5-4. Indicators +12 put me second to Offerle, because she allowed only six touches against versus my 8.

    Bye into eight, fenced Aher, Hurst, Dunn. Gold was down 4-5 at the break, didn't allow another touch against me for the rest of the bout.

    Notes: Jen Oldham's advice about gaining step off the on guard line was golden. Keep early step small, though, if I'm planning ...
  3. Double-advance lunge game

    by , 03-15-2012 at 03:58 PM
    My captain was having asthma problems, so I recruited him to run warm up and stretching, We played a double-advance lunge chase game, with defender advancing in and retreating out, and attacker deciding when to go. After a bit of that, i added in half-advance. We finished up with 3-15, and they have started to figure out how to play, thank heavens. My "best death" guy was in sports study hall AGAIN.
  4. Pirates and Spaniards

    by , 03-14-2012 at 06:21 PM
    I had the boys play pin-the-glove-on-the-wall. Then they did pitter-patter and jump-backward, and did clap footwork imitating what Ahren did with his fencers yesterday. We finished up with Pirates and Spaniards, which since they don't have any conception of right-of-way was a bit of a mess. The more-experienced boys, who don't really have that much experience, were critical of the novices. I will have to work the intermediates harder so that they shut up.

    It was qatet, Will, Bridget, ...

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  5. hitting on the head

    by , 03-13-2012 at 04:33 PM
    I showed the boys how to do head-cuts, then set them to hitting one another on the head. I showed them how to do parry 5, and how to cut chest and flank, and set them to making parry-riposte. Then I played rat-on-the-wall with the novices while I sent the more experienced kids off to bout. The more experienced kids of course decided to have a game of Pirates & Spaniards in the next court and Iíll have to rein them back.

    Afterwards, I sat down with all my folders full of fencing ...

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