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New club space

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by , 08-23-2012 at 05:03 PM (329 Views)
qatet's club space is in Conshohocken on the hill, in a small, clean industrial park. The main area where the strips are going to be is airy and very long, with cinderblock walls. There's a big space where she's going to put a parent lounge (she's putting windows in the wall so they can watch) and a couple of rooms that she can use for locker rooms. It has a big "garage" door and a front entrance area, with a smallish parking lot outside the door but street parking nearby. I think she really lucked out in the space - it's near to a lot of communities in the area with kids, and it's attractive.

qatet has been working in there, and today Will and I drove over and helped her with prepping the walls in the main area for painting. Also, Phil Dolata stopped in - he's going to be her sabre coach - and I chatted a little bit with him. Lisa Roqué at Medeo said she liked working with him, and he said he liked Medeo but it was hard driving that far when he lives in Manayunk. Phil went to NJIT and then Rutgers, I believe. He's worked with some good coaches, and he's been coaching for a while now. I think he'll be good--he asked good questions and seemed to know what he was talking about.

It's been fun watching a club in the process of starting. So often, clubs seem to sort of appear like mushrooms after a rain - you only notice they're there after they've been there a while. Or maybe that's because a good number of clubs do spring up like mushrooms. qatet's level of planning reminds me of when Amanda started Absolute after leaving Blue Gauntlet. You plan it and plan it and plan it, and then one day you can go ahead and do all the things you've planned.


  1. jkormann's Avatar
    Good for her!

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