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Volleyball rotate

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by , 04-10-2012 at 08:48 AM (321 Views)
It was a good sabre night, with qatet, Will, Mike, Charlotte, and Tom. qatet and I were going to drill, and everyone joined in, so I just did pair drills of straight attack, figuring everyone could use it. We sure could! One of us waves it around, one starts foot before hand, one attacks high from a raised shoulder, and so on. To change partners, we did the standard "rotate" I learned, which is to move one to the right.

Then, because there seemed to be no foilists, we took up three strips and Will said "volleyball rotate" which seems to be different, and it got confusing from there because Mike pointed out that really only half the people should be unhooking. I did manage to fence everyone eventually.

I am now officially in the sucking stage of my training cycle; I can't remember what to do with my feet, my distance is off, and my timing is terrible. I suspect much of it is because I simply wasn't paying attention. I was lucky I still had some Cincinnati left for the Charm City. People were able to beat me easily with step in, step out.

Will and I talked for a while about what he wants to do with fencing, and Wednesday we'll try to sit down with Ahren and plan a good tournament or so. I tend to forget how hard it is to be in your late 20s and have so little disposable income that paying club fees, taking lessons, and traveling to tournaments would require serious thought instead of just shrugging and figuring I don't need a new car or a renovated bathroom, ever.


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