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by , 03-28-2012 at 12:51 PM (359 Views)
I just made reservations for one of the PSA's little day trips - the "California Riviera" one - and bought a day ticket for Disneyland. The plan is, since I'm going to be stuck for several days in a place I might even visit on my own instead of a place I am only going because that's where the fencing is, to do a little sightseeing. Also, fortunately, the Vet-60 is the first event and the last event is the IA, so it doesn't matter if I'm a little tired out. It all makes me feel quite frolicsome and madcap.


  1. Slacker's Avatar
    I highly recommend Disneyland. A bit pricey, but a fun time. If you're a Disney fan be on the lookout for "hidden Mickeys" everywhere you go- embedded in lamp posts, shrubs, etc. It makes waiting in line more tolerable. When you get to Frontierland (near the Tiki Room) take in one of the fruity frozen drinks- they're yummy!
  2. KidLazy's Avatar
    Disney is a money sucking machine, why don't they just place ATM at every corner and every room (bathroom, hotel room, janitor's closet, etc.)? It will be much more convenient to take money away people that way.
  3. Peach's Avatar
    Agreed, Joe. But I liked Disney World very much, actually, when I was in Orlando for a conference, and since I'll be right there in Anaheim during Summer Nationals I figured I might as well. The little PSA trip sounds endearingly like serious timewasting as well. Are you going?

    As for waiting in line, I figure I'll bring a book .
  4. KidLazy's Avatar
    I might be there for a day. :/
  5. Peach's Avatar
    I see you're signed up for the Cherry Blossom. I'm doing the WS. Maybe I'll see you there?

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