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Ivan Lee's talk

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by , 03-30-2008 at 10:41 PM (291 Views)
Ivan Lee's talk held no surprises, but it was nice to have what we've been working on confirmed. Some notes.

1. With the new timing. When you make your opponent miss, take an extra retreat to ensure you can't get hit with the remise.
2. Chase your opponent in stages (my stutter-step broken footwork patterns, or the hanging step, or in Ivan's case pauses between the clusters of footwork) and don't get too close until you're ready to finish.
3. Use beat-attack rather than parry riposte to make sure you get the touch.
4. Classic feint-cut doesn't work any more; set it up with a straight attack.
5. Sacrifice a touch to set up the next two.
6. Invite counter-attack with a short lunge, step back parry riposte.
7. With someone you haven't fenced before, do the first action straight advance-lunge; if he falls short just go to the end of the strip and watch. Most fencers go for the same touch first, last, and when they need a touch.
8. Make a mental note when chasing of where they make counter-attack. Are the patient or impatient.
9. It's all about getting information on your opponent.
10. Figure out your last touch ahead of time.
11. If opponent reserves blade, make false takes (half-takes) and counter-attack.
12. Yury trains to cut to arm. With straight attack by opponent, appel hit to arm; with line just hit the wrist. Going to the arm is safer and gives a second chance.

Some of what he does I can't do (his wingspan, he said, is 6'7", which I believe, even though he's well under six feet tall) Most of it I do already.
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