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Morale Officer

Finally made it to the Amazon!

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by , 06-06-2011 at 01:57 AM (704 Views)
In 2009, I registered for the Amazon Open...had to drop because I hurt my neck. Last year, I registered for the Amazon Open...had to drop because I hurt my knee. This year I registered for the Amazon Open...and finally made it! And I'm totally glad I did. A very well run tournament & everyone was friendly. Took almost 2 hours to get down there & thankfully it wasn't raining.
Was suppose to be 11 of us, but ended up being 7 (Peach, Francesca, Cecilia, Cynthia, Henni, Diane, and myself). One double stripped pool. I knew everyone but Diane and had fenced everyone but Cynthia & Diane. I was fully expecting to fall flat on my face. I was breaking in new shoes (I bought the D'Art IVs) & I've also been working footwork mostly, so I wasn't really expecting much out of today except to try to make sure I was taking small steps.
I warmed up a little bit with Delia, which I don't normally do. I've been limiting my warm ups to stretching and a bit of walking only. I'm trying to save my leg for the tournament.
I went 2 and 5 in pools and managed to get 2 points on Peach this time! I've only ever gotten 1 each tournament. I made a couple things work (especially managing to take small steps like I've been trying to work on), had a couple things that didn't work, and zoned out a few times, which really didn't make things work. lol.
Lost my DE 11-15, but was very happy with it. For the most part I went point for point with Cecilia. At the break, I got some water and stretched my quad out a little on my bad leg. Delia said other than dropping my weapon, everything looked good and there wasn't much she could tell me but keep doing what I was doing. I was impressed by the fact that my leg didn't hurt. It was tired, but not hurting-tired. I managed to push through that without much trouble. Unfortunately I zoned out and couldn't get back on top of my game. Eh. Oh well.
The leg still feels good. Will do some stretching again and take some Advil before bed just as a bit of a precaution.
I was definitely very happy how things went today. A few people said I was looking and moving much better today than I've been in a long time. All in all a good day. Will definitely be looking forward to this tournament again!

(Side note here, I haven't been blogging because I haven't really had the attention span.)


  1. dharmaqueen's Avatar
    Congratulations! It must feel good to be back and not in a ton of pain.
  2. Morale Officer's Avatar
    Thanks! It definitely feels good!

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