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by , 04-09-2011 at 08:46 PM (542 Views)
I had a very frustrating tournament this afternoon. First, I really have to say that I really liked the "Experiment" of having the D-lite on Saturday. The 2 hour drive is so much easier in the daylight! I'm seriously hoping they keep things on Saturday.
Anyways, I was super frustrated with the tournament today. Basically, the tournament was over in the first pool bout for me. What was so frustrating was that I was afraid to move again. I had a little bit of that on Sunday, but not to that extent. Once I realized I had that fear, I was done. I managed to get myself to move backwards, but that was it. When I thought about my feet, my hand stopped, when I thought about my hand, my feet got worse. I even stepped back wrong a few times (once or twice with a twist that really hurt). I'll have to look at the video and see exactly what I did. I'm super sore...swollen...and very striped. Luckily all I have to do tomorrow is a small bit of yard work (reclaim my deck from the rose bush is goal #1!), so it's not like I'll be up on my feet all day.
I had a great lesson after the tournament. Oddly enough, I can move during my lesson. I'm guessing that it's just because my lesson is so controlled and I trust Rob. That and there's no super quick changes in direction like there is in a real bout. Anyways, we did some work with beats, moving, and lunging. Moving wasn't too bad, although I was definitely sore. The lunging wasn't bad, although I realized I'm turning my foot completely over and dragging the top of my toe when I lunge in lessons. It wasn't bad though. "Back-peddling" is definitely easier than simple retreats and tons easier than advancing. I'll have to talk to the trainer again this week about moving and maybe take her some of the video. Anyways, it was definitely a good lesson, just super frustrated that I was so afraid to move...especially 9 months post-op and after having been to a number of tournaments. A friend said that it's a good possibility that I went from concentrating on one set of problems after surgery (and ignoring the leg) to this other set. She's probably right. Definitely need to work on the confidence in the leg.


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