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  1. Stooges

    I went to see the 3 stooges movie today.

    It was kind of weird seeing the new stooges. I loved the original ones. I do think it was true to the stooges.

    Kind of a sign of the times that after the movie they had the directors give a speech about how you shouldn't really go around poking people in the eye and hitting them with hammers in real life.

    I kind of think that someone who doesn't know better wouldn't be likely to follow their advice.
  2. stand your ground laws

    Things seemed pretty stirred up about stand your ground laws. I went through the CCW course. From what I was told in Michigan the way the law works is you aren't required to flee from anywhere you are legally allowed to be, but if you chase after someone who went after you and ran away you would get burned legally. Its all on the agressor legal risks pretty much.

    I do support the law. It always seemed stupid to me to force citizens to run away from criminals, I'd rather car jackers, ...
  3. Qualifiers

    I went to qualifiers today. Good news is I qualified for Div 2/3 and veterans in epee.

    The place was almost completely empty. Only had 1 person to fence again for the whole qualifier.

    I guess folks didn't feel like flying out to Anaheim.

    I'm iffy on going myself I was hoping more folks from Michigan would be going, seems like I'd pretty much be on my own if I go.
  4. Choices

    I'm really leaning now strongly towards going to Florida.

    I didn't get let go like they were talking about but I really can't deal with juggling 150 loans as a processor very well at all.

    The apartment place I'm in has the last day to stay if I don't renew my lease as May 9th now so the scenario I'm looking at if I go is go for the last rent check end of this month at work then give notice.

    My fencing performance has dropped, I got knocked out by someone ...
  5. Sunday afternoon

    Well, I missed the tournament. I drove to Michigan state and got to where the tournament was last time I went to the venue thinking the IM west place would be next to it or something. However, Not so much so.

    I drove around for like 20 minutes thinking I'd see one of those campus map billboards that would lead me to the venue but no luck.

    So, no tournament. I was kind of hoping to hit the Arnold fencing classic, but when I tried on askfred it said no more epeeists ...
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