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stand your ground laws

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by , 04-13-2012 at 01:04 AM (392 Views)
Things seemed pretty stirred up about stand your ground laws. I went through the CCW course. From what I was told in Michigan the way the law works is you aren't required to flee from anywhere you are legally allowed to be, but if you chase after someone who went after you and ran away you would get burned legally. Its all on the agressor legal risks pretty much.

I do support the law. It always seemed stupid to me to force citizens to run away from criminals, I'd rather car jackers, rapists etc have it be as hazardous as possible to continue their profession.

I don't think I agree with the its always murder if you draw a gun and their unarmed.

I remeber how viscious bullies were growing up. I also remember people getting attacked by unarmed people in various situations.

One of them I remember particular was what I called the bully house incident which was many years ago. Basically there were some of the local bullies from my high school that had graduated recently decided they wanted to throw a party. They didn't have anywhere to hold it so they found a house that a pair of old people lived at. Ya know the usual folks with canes, weak and almost defenseless in a scrap.

They basically beat the snot out of them and kept them trapped in the basement for the weekend (I think one of them had a broken arm alsofrom getting thrown down the stairs in their basement) while they partied, got stoned etc until the cops eventually got wind.

They got quite a few years in prison. Judges love that kind of case.

Would I think that because they were unarmed it would of been manslaughter if the folks in the house shot them? Not really. They had a right to stand their ground and to defend themselves in my mind. At the time it would of been they case they would of been convicted most likely. No stand your ground laws then. Also if they had shot one of them the agressor would of been able to sue them for damages.

Lets say they wanted to use a non lethal alternative. If they had used pepper spray the ones in the stores are over the 3% legal limit, felony. Stun gun, felony there too etc.

When you say people can't defend themself with force if attacked by a stranger who is unarmed and you aren't allowed to stand your ground it favors the strong and the viscious in any situation.

Other issue I have is that a fight on the street isn't like on a playground where a teacher would pull someone off of someone. If you get knocked down in a scrap the other person who jumped you doesn't have to stop. They can keep going until you're maimed, dead, crippled etc.

One of my roomates friends in college had that happen, after the guy beat him down he got in his car and drove over his head. The kid lived but the brain damage was pretty extensive.

That being said I myself took martial arts, have usually done pretty well in scraps etc (except for my broken jaw I got once). If I was attacked by someone unarmed myself (as I have been in the past on a few occasions) it would be unlikely that I wouldn't try to duke it out or use joint locks etc. Theres kind of a guy thing where you would feel less manly not being able to duke it out.


  1. jkormann's Avatar
    Mike, when I was growing up in NJ, we had Castle Doctrine. A local chief of police once told my dad that if someone broke in, make sure they didn't get over the door threshold and clean up any blood that did. The Stand your Ground, at least in PA, extends that to any place you can be legally. It primarly protects against criminal suits, someone could still file a civil suit.
  2. Inquartata's Avatar
    Most states only restrict the use or threat of deadly force to response to substantial ( or other such words ) physical force. I don't know of any that specifically restrict the use of a weapon to situations in which the aggressor is armed. Fear for your life is an uncertain and fungible thing, and the police and courts understand that two unarmed bikers against a guy in a wheelchair is not an equal contest...

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