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by , 03-11-2012 at 04:33 PM (335 Views)
I'm really leaning now strongly towards going to Florida.

I didn't get let go like they were talking about but I really can't deal with juggling 150 loans as a processor very well at all.

The apartment place I'm in has the last day to stay if I don't renew my lease as May 9th now so the scenario I'm looking at if I go is go for the last rent check end of this month at work then give notice.

My fencing performance has dropped, I got knocked out by someone I thought I should of been able to handle last tournament. I think I need to get my life sorted out before I can focus again and make progress.

Theres really just too much going on right now for me to get my head on the game proper.

I've been in Michigan about 30 years straight now so it'll be weird moving.

I did like the environment a lot when I visited on my birthday last year though.

Right or wrong I think what I need to do is steer my own ship instead of living in this corporate limbo I've been in. It reminds me sometimes of being stuck in a tar pit. Things slowly deteriorating with no clear way to fix things if I stay.

I kind of like the idea of starting over fresh. New fencing scene, new directors. It would be a good time to kind of reinvent myself.

I might try foil fencing again when I head out. Without getting J over and over as a director I might like it again. I definately don't like the new sabre much. Probably will keep the sabre kit though, never know if I'll change my mind one day.


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