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tungsten pommel = fail

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I got my new leon paul tungsten pommel.

Didn't work out so good on my epee. First I was thinking the whole thing was tungsten. What they did was have a steel pommel and then the back part of it was tungsten that screwed on.

It also didn't have a feature I want in a pommel which was a way to use a tool to lock it down like an inside hex hole or a hole through the end you could slip a screwdriver through to turn it.

When I tried to hand tighten it I wasn't able to get it down all the way. I tried to use a wrench but it was chewing up the metal pretty bad.

Guess I'm going to use the steel pommels and let the tungsten pommels be. Seemed like a good idea, I'm glad I only bought one instead of buying like my original thought.


  1. KidLazy's Avatar
    1. Tungsten pommel is not made by Leon Paul, but rather EldRick.
    2. Not steel cone, but lightweight aluminum cone.
    3. Check your tang, and threads first.
    4. Read the installation instruction before you do anything with it.