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by , 02-25-2012 at 12:46 AM (306 Views)
Schoolcraft is picking up again. Got about 8 epeeists now to fence with. Doug T stomped me in a match again. Its good having challenges.

My hand was still cut up from the tungsten pommel fiasco, got a few more scratches on the hand during fencing.

I like using nuskin instead of bandages. Its kind of a liquid bandage that you apply. I've found it works best for fencing scrapes and cuts for me.

I still feel great about that win I had last week.

Tomorrow..well, later today now since its like 1 AM I'm gong over to Michigan state for another A2 event.

My goal for the tournament isn't to win a medal. Its to get in position where I could try for being in the round of 8 where the C ratings would be handed out.

I'm not concerned so much about winning the next rating as trying to make a habit of getting in position. Sooner or later the DE chart will line up with someone I can get a win on if I do it often enough.

Work was kinda rough for me today. I'm 3 short of loans so I don't know if my job will end next week or not.

I'm leaning today towards staying in Michigan and trying for being a signing agent as self employed. I still have to talk to my landlord about renewing the lease or not.

If I stay in Michigan and do leave my job I think I'd like to move more towards the Livonia area where most of the fencing clubs are.

No reason to stay in Ypsil if I'm not working there. I'm sure not going to Eastern Michigan or anything now.


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