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birthday party

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by , 06-30-2011 at 10:49 PM (438 Views)
Schoolcraft is over for the season. I went to RFC thursday for my epee lessons. They had a birthday party today for Ann Marsh. It was pretty nice. They had bratwurst with saurkraut, brownies, soda, a nice basket of polish beer and other stuff. Everyone sang happy birthday for her too.

You can tell she felt like it was home to her. Anatoli her husband was taking her out to dinner after.

My lessons with Jerzy went kind of ok. I'm still making a lot of errors to fix. I noticed a new equipment issue. Apparently I've lost more weight lately than I realized, so now my jacket is really loosy and bunching up. It really grabs the points now.

I'll have to look into a new one. Not sure I want to get a pricey one, I still want to drop another 20-30 pounds and I know I'lll probably need another one next season.

There are two tourneys coming up, an E and under where there isn't likely to be any D ratings awarded in two weeks and an open event July 23rd in Ohio I'm going to.

The July 23rd one is really my last opportunity to advance in rank before the start of next season.

I'll put in some extra training time I guess. I feel ready to take my D back and push for the C. We'll see how it goes.

You never know what you'll run into at an open with unfamiliar opponents.


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