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Throwing cold water on my plans

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by , 03-31-2012 at 09:16 AM (335 Views)
Literally. I was draining and refilling the cuff when my grip slipped and I was drenched in cold water. Sofa. Blanket. Me. Not the iPad because I have enough sense to put it elsewhere when working with water. Spouse was upstairs asleep. I had a change of clothes down here and an afghan so I coped. Discovered I can stand one legged on right leg without pain long enough to change shirts.

Note my job is it support. I always have backups for everything and contingency plans.

Managing fine. No pain in leg but I have a bad headache. Have a photo of Ming sleeping on my elevated leg but cannot get it from iPad to

Computer is upstairs and I am not leaving this damp sofa. Covered wet spot. Back to being bored.


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