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by , 02-22-2012 at 02:23 PM (394 Views)
Sometimes you have to consider giving someone (or something) up.

Yesterday, I was in a meeting and realized at one point that the person might as well have been saying random words in a foreign language. I could hear he was speaking but hadn't a clue what the individual was saying and I was sitting less than two feet away.

So how does this relate to giving something up?

When the employer is easing towards putting everyone with your job classification onto the call center, it's time to look at what you're going to have to give up when you're no longer gainfully employed.


At least, competitive fencing.

I complained last year that if I managed to win a spot on the world team, my reward would be to spend money that I didn't have to go someplace I couldn't afford to be to compete.

I am not in the right income group for fencing and if I'm unemployed or pushed into early retirement on a reduced pension, I'm going to have to give it up unless I can find some other means of producing income or off-setting the cost of fencing.

Thus far, buying lottery tickets has not proven a successful strategy.

I love fencing. I don't want to give it up and as much as I complain about the costs involved, I don't want to give up trying for the team either. I just haven't... yet... figured out a strategy for being able to afford fencing if/when I'm forced out.


  1. jkormann's Avatar
    How about studying for your Moniteur or equivalent and coach, or see if your local salle would trade lessons for work earned. Not sure what you skill-set is, but as a recent thread debated, we are sorta "family". Maybe someone in your club knows of work that you can pick up.

    "Part-time is better than no-time, except when it stops your ability to find full-time." -- paraphrasing a recruiter

    Best of luck! FdN is still free, so you can at least post here to relieve boredom.
  2. KidLazy's Avatar
    Good luck. Hopefully I'll come up with something next year.
  3. lindajdunn's Avatar
    Unfortunately, I've worked with beginners enough to know that I just can't coach even at the lowest level. Students tend to ask questions and -- even with my hearing aids in place -- I often can't deciper what they're asking.

    My coaches have learned to remove their masks when explaining things to me in private lessons and I've done a fair job of patching together lip reading and speech patterns. With someone new, it takes me multiple exchanges before I can accurately track their conversations and kids are especially bad about mumbling and not moving their lips much while speaking.

    So the obvious one that works for many fencers will unfortunately never work for me. I also tried directing and discovered I should never try to ref above low level local competitions.
  4. Fencergrl's Avatar
    Might there be writing or editing work you can do from home?
  5. lindajdunn's Avatar
    The problem with writing and editing is that there are too many people already doing this. Still, I am looking at some options loosely related to this field.

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