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  1. Not Rick Ashley

    Sometimes you have to consider giving someone (or something) up.

    Yesterday, I was in a meeting and realized at one point that the person might as well have been saying random words in a foreign language. I could hear he was speaking but hadn't a clue what the individual was saying and I was sitting less than two feet away.

    So how does this relate to giving something up?

    When the employer is easing towards putting everyone with your job classification ...
  2. Using a plastic bowl for practice

    For YEARS, I've been told that I'm pulling my arm back and for years, I haven't felt it and I don't see it. Even in videos, it looks more like I'm walking into my elbow than actually pulling it back (a fine distinction that makes no difference is how it's called on the strip). At practice today, people I trust repeated what other people I trust have been telling me for ages and I came close to a meltdown. [Note that for some odd reason, Excedrin has vanished from all the stores and I had/still ...
  3. Plantar Fibroma

    The first time I saw these, I thought they were plantar warts but they're not, they're tumors that grow inside on the plantar fascia and they simply look like the beginning of a wart.

    I had the same problem a couple of years ago, used duct tape for a while, and eventually the problem lessened such that I didn't notice them. Two weekends ago, I drove to TN and fenced three events and then last week, I drove 3 hrs. north to fence two events.

    If I succeed in finishing ...