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Theory on Alien Abduction

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Ok, I came up with a theory on Alien Abduction few year ago. Told only one person about it. Few days ago, while emailing another friend, I spent some time to write it down. Just want to share it here and see what people think of it. (You can tell it's Friday and I don't have much to do. )

I believe most alien abduction stories are just flashback of their birth experience. People suppresses dramatic memory sometime and this memory is rather dramatic...

The common alien abduction story will be in BOLD
And my explanation follows.

Suddenly surrounding becomes pitch black and eerily quiet.
Somehow the flashback was triggered, thus, happened “suddenly.” Baby is awake for the first time inside mother’s belly. With all that insulation, it is a dark and quiet place.

Then a light shine from above.
Well, it is time to be born, sooooo, light shine from “above” because baby’s nature resting position inside the mother; head first. Lights could be regular lights or doctor’s flashlight.

A force field surrounds the abductee, restricts abductee’s movement and pull abductee toward the light, floating.
Baby is inside liquid, which explain the floating feeling. Baby don’t have use of arms and legs yet and is been push outward, thus, restricted and being pull toward the light.

Not sure what happened, but now abductee is surrounded by dark green or grey aliens with big head, big eyes, small body, small arms & legs, etc.
Most abduction stories started around 60s, 70s, 80s. Looking back to when these people were born, 30s to 60s, doctors & nurses back then wear all green or white uniform, including hat and mask. Even today, although the color standard has been relaxed considerably. Under the lighting condition; shadows as people towering over baby with lights behind them, it would be dark green or grey from baby's point of view.

Baby’s eyes are probably not function properly yet, and with all those liquid, baby would probably have “Fisheye” vision. Thus, when someone holding the baby or upclose looking at the baby, baby would see he/she has a big head, big eyes, small body, small arms & legs, etc.

These aliens appear to be genderless and communicate via telepathy.
Again, because the uniform, doctor & nurses have almost the same look, especially if baby just used his/her eyes for the first time, baby won’t be able to tell the difference in gender. The mouth is covered by mask and baby’s hearing is not good (ears filled with liquid), thus, baby can’t hear and see (lips moving) any vocal communication between doctor and nurses.

Lay on a metal bed, arms & legs are restricted, cover in goo, aliens look over, many medical measurement were conducted, things wipe the abductee, unknown machines surround the area.
Well, a baby just born in the hospital room, so measure his/her weight on a scale, baby is covered in liquid, everyone looks over, clean him/her up, measuring the baby, etc. in hospital room, an area full of medical equipments which would be unknown to baby since he/she don't have that knowledge yet.

Anal probe.
Baby's body temperature was measured... RECTALLY. Since baby is so small, even if thermometer is small, it would still be strange and unconformable... and memorable.

Blackout and wake up back to where abductee was and some time, few min., was lost.
Flashback of this dramatic memory ended and the person regains conscious, continue to do what he/she was doing, felt as if nothing had happened. However, it did take some time to remember the experience as all flashbacks do.
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