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by , 04-11-2012 at 11:02 PM (453 Views)
I'm gearing up for the Foil Div-III at FAP this weekend, so I'm trying to get out of the Epee mindset and into the Foil mindset. Resetting target, being faster on the feet, lighter parries, RoW. That type of thing. Practicing with the WCU club helped since they are prepping for Knutztown this weekend and UDel next.

Noticed that when transitioning from advance to retreat, or retreat to advance, that transition point feels very sluggish. Coach Mike suggested keeping more balance and if I know that I'll be transitioning, to adjust the balance ahead of time. If I'll be retreating from an advance, balance back just a touch more. That seemed to make the transition a little quicker, but not as fast as it should. Mark said I was overthinking and just do the action.

Going into week 7 at the Y. Had to ask for more advertisement to build some interest for the Spring 2 session and to get a survey out to the parents. Very concerned about the practice times. We have a decent retention rate, but we've been going for a year and have 10 kids coming consistently to the club. Feels low.


  1. tbryan's Avatar
    If I'll be retreating from an advance, balance back just a touch more.
    It seems like that would put more weight onto the foot that's going to be needing to move during the transition.

    One common way to make direction changes easier is to send some of your momentum "into the floor" by lowering into the change step. If you keep your hips, knees, and ankles a little elastic, then you will lower a little on the change, absorbing some of the momentum and permitting you to push back the other direction. Sometimes it helps to think of it as making a half-advance and then a retreat. In practice, that's often what happens anyway.

    I think that one of the David Littell videos on YouTube shows some good exercises for practicing this action.

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