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Good Friday - Good Grief

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by , 04-07-2012 at 08:02 PM (365 Views)
Good Friday's usually not the best time to hold a practice, but the hours are set by the Y. Fencing I had 5 students; Fencing II had 2. Luckily we prepared, got a little ahead of ourselves in the lessons and decided to hold a mini-competition.

The two Fencing II students were "captains" and chose three others. One of the coaches was assigned so there were two pools of four. Talked the Fencing I student through a bout: RoW, corner judging (this is all dry), strip etiquette (salutes, etc) and then fenced. Three-point pool bouts and the kids had a blast.

The refs took time to explain each action, as best seen. Reminded each student about things they can do (i.e. disengage, riposte after the parry is successful). The top two from each pool were ranked into five-touch DEs.

The parents who stayed to watch learned about fencing competitions: RoW, how bouts are directed, how bouts are organized etc. And the kids had alot of fun, which is the whole point.

It was a Good Friday.


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