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A Double Header

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by , 03-16-2012 at 05:12 PM (397 Views)
I had doubts about actually making this. Gut-check was to scale it back to just either the Epee or the Foil. Machismo said to do both. Machismo won. The event was on March 11.

Firstly, Liberty is a very nice club. Nine strips, new floors with excellent hosts: Marshal and Helen. Both events were run really well, no worries, will Fence again.

It takes some Fence-sense to find the club. Coming south on 611, you can see a sign. Coming north, thereís a couple of small signs. Itís across 611 from the large shopping complex and on the southbound side.

Epee started around 10:30. New faces, a couple of familiar ones. Met up with paprov. This epee pools went well. Seeded first (huh?!) to the DE and wound up second to Mr. Mack after all was said. Heís the only one I lost to during pools so no big surprise. I kevetched to paprov that he had the chance to beat Mr Mack in the DE and save me, but he declined so I was beaten. Second place.

Epee finished around 1ish so inhaled lunch. Apple and a salad. Great bouts all around. For me Ė legs were feeling it a little with the elbow giving a twinge.

Now Iím stressing. A fencer from my YMCA is coming for his first tournament (Y-12). Heís never fenced electric. I have the gear for him to use and he's running late. Itís about 25-mins after check-in, and he pre-paid during registration. I talk with Helen and Marshal about including him and when he gets there, has to fence straight through. But, wouldnít you know it, in C comes.

Iím being called to my first match as Iím trying to suit him up. Luckily Jeremy from BCAF is there with a couple of his students so I beg Jeremy to help. Now Iím watching C on the Y-12 strip as Iím being crushed by a B-rated fencer. Then a HS fencer in the next bout. Still watching C with the occasional equipment problem. I want to help, but Iím being faced down with an opposing sword.

Apparently, the club equipment C is using was fixed by Helen Keller. I checked most of it the night before, marked some stuff that just plain didnít work: a body cord and a foil. The rest seemed Ok. Thatíll learn me Ėfaulty signals with the foil. I have to get back to my strip. On my second bout, Cís Y foil and body-cord fail. Marshal pauses the Y-12 bout while they dig through my bag, find my backup weapon. Jeremy loans a body-cord and C is good for the rest of the day. Yellow card to C - I need to talk with someone at the Y.

Thank you Marshal and Jeremy!

C did well for his first event. Iím happy, impressed and really pleased. C is ecstatic. Heís hooked.

Crisis on Middle Strip over, time to focus. Iím in a pool of 7 (IIRC). I win one bout total. Sigh.. For the DE, Iím ranked lowÖ Deservedly.

My first DE bout for the night. Itís about 4pm. Iíve been here since 10am-ish. Legs are worn, and I recall the words that someone PMd me: ďHave Fun.Ē He also said ďWinĒ but thatís not in the cards. So I have fun. We dance and it winds up 8-13 at the end of the first period. Minuteís up, letís dance. She gets to 14.

Iím not going to lie. I may have been able to pull a rabbit out of my mask. The operative word is ďmayĒ and no rabbit in the legs, Iím going to lose anyhow. Itís just after 4pm. And ďHave FunĒ is floating around so I do something fun and reckless. I fleche. Not the best or worst. Why did fleche? Three options: If I hit, it would be 9-14, Iíd have another touch to go and sheís be upset. If I miss and she misses, no harm, weíre at 8-14. If she parries and gets the touch, bout and the win. Iím happy with any result. I attack, she parries. Two lights and itís her point: parry-riposte. 8-15.

Itís been a day. If find out that C was knocked out of his DE in the first round too. Cís completely psyched. Talk with his dad about equipment and think we found a good solution.

After action recap: Foil has gotten faster or Iíve gotten older. I donít recall the seconds with the fast infighting. It was never epee with the long distance touches and the almost zen-like methodical playing of the point. Foil has always seemed more dirty and raw, which is fun. These matches were soul-crushing in their speed and tactical game. If thatís the way the game is played, Iíll have to adapt to play it.

I need to fence again.

I came in 2nd for Epee, 7th (of 9th) for Foil. C was tied for 3rd in his Foil. Woot!
And the equipment fault was the body-cord. The B-line was missing a banana cover for the prong. The foil is fine.


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