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No room at the (fence)-inn

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Last week, we had 9 kids signed up for Fencing I. I can handle that mainly b/c we have enough equipment for 10. This week, three more signed up for a total of 12. We're out of masks.. No room at the Inn. Just sent the Y's sports manager a request for two more Medium masks. Even if they're large, they'll fit for basic practice.

It's the second week so ran them through Advance, Retreat and introduced Lunge. First without a mask as a hand-weight, then with a mask. Last 10 or so minutes, paired them off and had them mask-fence. It was chaos. Good chaos, but chaos. When the masks clunked, they had to determine who put their arm out (very basic RoW) and that person go thee point (very basic Row). Back to center, check that both are ready and go! My job was watching footwork (improving), resolving RoW (can't figure it out? Throw it out, I wasn't watching) and answering questions.

After a new kid who's been fencing saber for a few years stopped by. He took a year off b/c he felt burnt-out by the coach. Did a quick evaul with him. Looked at footwork, bladework (he has alot of point attacks) and general fencing concepts. I have a basic understanding of saber so I can look at the minimum. Recommended he go to our advanced class, Fencing III, to refresh his footwork and get into the swing of things.

We're primary Foil and are Fence for Fun, and explained that to the kid and the parent. If he's interested in competition, we can direct him to FAP, BCAF-W, Liberty and WS-Panthers. He's thin - a stick on stilts. Mark, our resident epee-advocate, was very keen to help him learn the error of saber. We'll see how this turns out.

Tournament on Sunday at Liberty. One student also signed up for the Y14 Foil. He doesn't have his own gear and the other coach who has the club electrics didn't come.. Plus the student didn't come.. This leaves tomorrow morning (plans in the afternoon) to get a lame, two weapons and body cords together for the student. Great..

WCU is on break. We are hosting UArts on 31st. Should be fun - all dry.

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