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Might be the last competition for awhile

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by , 03-05-2012 at 12:19 PM (368 Views)
Spring is coming. And when spring arrives, so do weekend outdoor sports, leagues and scout activities with my kids. I may be able to get to some of the fencing tournaments on weekdays. Weekends will be another issue, especially the all-day events. I love being with my kids camping, watching them play sneaker-hockey, baseball and generally running around being kids and enjoying themselves. They enjoy beating me up later with the skills they learned and hanging with their friends.

"Don't they fence?" is a common question. Sadly, no. Neither of them are interested. They like combat and fighting - we keep Nerf in business, we've lost so many darts and disks. We have an armory full of Nerf swords. Some still functional. But they don't have any interest in fencing. I've tried but one sure way to make a kid hate something is to pressure them into it. Maybe in college..

So this weekend at Liberty may be one of the last competition I can get in before summer. The part of summer where the sun bakes, the kids fry and the coaches get nervous. When that happens, activities move to the rivers, pools or a summer sports league. Fencing, happily, is mainly indoors with air conditioning.


  1. Inquartata's Avatar
    You should have told them that they were not allowed to fence...

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