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  1. 5/27, 5/29 bouts, lessons, bouts

    One of my biggest problems is patience. The temptation of the hit makes me fall into traps opponents set. I find myself chasing, too. I'm not setting things up the way I should.
    This is all I'll be working on for the forseeable future.

    I'm not waiting to see the mistake my opponents make. I'm thinking this stems from a lack of patience and incorrect distance. If I'm too close, I can't see the oppertunity.
    My deep attacks are too low. Coming in with my arm down only ...
  2. 5/22 bouts ~ balance and distance

    I didn't have any particular technichal action I wanted to work on Thursday.

    I really just wanted to enjoy epee.

    I did work on movement, distance. Teasing.
    Fenced 9, won some, lost some.

    Noteable bouts: Eric L: Eric bought a french grip weapon and was trying it out. I lost the first 5, unable to get his new distance. I adjusted my tactics, using simple beat-attack and won the next 2. (I explained to him after that that's a risk of the french ...

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  3. 5/20 bouts, lesson ~ long time gone

    Due to work and personal issues, I couldn't make it to the club. Clearly, I need to get my priorities straight.
    I was amazed at how much damage missing almost 2 weeks of practice will do. Point control, distance and timing were all "off" last night.

    I didn't set myself any particular goals last night. I was just happy to be back on the strip. Relieved really.
    Noteable bouts.... Ben W: Played with the distance. Thought about fencing him rather than trying to hit him. ...
  4. 4/22, 4/24 ~ a belated birthday blogpost

    I decided not to fence the Summer Nationals qualifier this year. I'm not in the right headspace for a competition of this nature. More in a learning frame of mind than anything else.

    This week I worked more on defense. Both with distance and the blade. Just making my opponent miss. Gaining an understanding of what actions are good at what distance.
    Getting hit. A lot.

    Noteable bouts of the week: Ben W: I fenced him stupid. Staying in my lunge, attemting to ...
  5. 4/15 bouts, lesson.. inconsistant distance

    Other business kept me away from the club Thursday. Besides, I think taking the occassional night off is a good thing.
    Tuesday was all about playing with distance. I started every bout fencing too close on purpose. Gradually expanding the distance until it was right.
    I got hit a lot, don't think I won a bout. But I scored more touches towards the ends, which was the whole idea.

    Lesson: Maestro decided to rotate myself, Jim F and Tim M through drills. ...
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