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Yeah so

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by , 02-14-2012 at 11:01 PM (485 Views)
The workthing has still been superbusy.

We started a new drill Monday. Push-Pull. Advance on coach with a threat. If coach retreats, lift the blade and retreat. Begin again. If coach doesn't retreat, lunge to hit. A few repetitions of that, then coach throws a parry-riposte in. Next time, disengage to hit. And it's a trip around the tactical wheel.
After class, Coach Jake glared at me, "We need to work on your lunge. It's so loud." Must remember to land the front foot on the heel.
I freefenced Ciaran for a few touches before heading home beat.

Oh. Dang. The FAP Feb. Div 3 tournament. 11 fencers, 2 pools. I fenced very inconsistantly, making a ton of distance mistakes. Won 2 of my 5 bouts. Lost the DE 14-15 after leading for most of the bout. I was dissapointed, but took a lot of information away from the loss.

I'm looking forward, as always to the lesson and open bouts tomorrow. I'm going to work on my patience during a phrase.


  1. jkormann's Avatar
    Information is never wasted.

    There's an Open Foil at Liberty on 11 March.
  2. jeremyb215's Avatar
    I'll keep it in mind, but I'm fencing the Div 3 torunament at FAP on March 4th.

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