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by , 01-25-2012 at 12:49 PM (653 Views)
Curacao is a beautiful Caribbean island with a population of about 140,000, extremely limited resources, and some of the best Little League Baseball players in the world. They qualified for the Little League World Series every year from 2001-2009, winning the title in 2004, and taking second in 2005. Eleven players from Curacao have gone on to play Major League ball. Curacao is a baseball phenomenon.* To put this in perspective: 180,000 teams from 90 countries compete in Little League baseball. That's more teams than Curacao has people.

There are many things that contribute to Curacao's success: highly motivated athletes, supportive families, dedicated coaches, and a national love of the sport. Those same factors are, of course, found in cities all over the US (not to mention Latin America, Japan, etc.) that don't have nearly the level of success that Curacao has, in spite of often having far better funding. So what makes Curacao different?

Curacao has an asset that many of its competitors will never be able to emulate: it's tiny. ...

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  1. Allen Evans's Avatar
    Join Jason next week on the Travel Channel, when he will be describing the lovely flower gardens of Belize...
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  2. Jason's Avatar
    I was hoping for ESPN 8.

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