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Is it really time to melt my chair into slag?

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by , 04-13-2010 at 11:46 AM (613 Views)
I have to vent. And you guys are the unfortunate recipient of it. I am so sick and tired of not being allowed to drive. Not that I have anywhere to go, but I would like the ability to go there. The club would be a nice place.

I havenít fenced since NAC is Dallas and I am hoping to fence before nationals. I am back to doing my 100 lunges a day in the garage. Last night I thought about bringing the frame home with the spare chair and a box so others could come to me. I asked around and they would really rather not have to drive to the East County after a long day at work
The club is right near where they live and work.

I am close to just packing it in. I have even thought of ads on Facebook and EBay for my chair. I canít stand having my goal of making the team dashed like this. I have never been a quitter, but it looks like a pretty good thing now. They just changed some of my medication and I take 4 hour naps each day just cause it makes the afternoon pass and the meds have put me about 2 beats behind, I donít have the explosive start I used to.

I just read an article on hospices and in my last stay in the hospital I heard the phrase bandied about. I only am familiar with one way most patients leave those places. Am I that bad? I just donít see any ROI on me. And then I research the law and cases or something technical and I am right there. As long as my brain is engaged, I am fine. If not I just stagnate.

OK, remember the two new rules for Atlanta. In any right of way weapon a two light touch is obviously mine and if you are going to destroy me in pools, indicators are important too. Throw me a bone. See you in Atlanta
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