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No Fencing For You

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by , 03-06-2010 at 05:43 PM (325 Views)
Well, Another Saturday where I cannot find a ride to fence. I feel like a little kid where Mommy won't drive me cause she has to do something else.

I am so frustrated. I have fenced twice since my stroke in October.

Don't give me advice about services that drive you. The only thing I have found are dicounts to public transit, or programs that will drive you if you are in that program. Sorry, this is just my place to express my frustrations.

You guys are the best support group in the world. Between my wife, the twins , and you lot, you have helped me survive tha last three years. At least I know I will fence next weekend. The doctor has given me leave to go.

This morning I had the notion to add chair fenceing to my club's summer program (a camp) I am just trying to increase membership in the sport and if it happens to increase his revenue stream, oh well. I owe him my being able to walk after the first brain surgery. Fencing scores again.

I am told writing this stuff down helps me from going crazy, thank you for being on my support team.
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